Newstead Single Asset Trust

Newstead Single Asset Trust (“Trust”)

HCAP offers wholesale investors access to “single asset” property trusts, referred to as a “Single Asset Trust”, where the risk and return is linked directly to a single property development. HCAP’s latest trust, the Newstead Single Asset Trust, provides mezzanine funding to a residential and retail development complex in Newstead, Brisbane. The Trust targets to deliver investors 32.3% net of costs and fees over 25 months, or a 15.5% annualised simple interest return. Importantly, target total returns will increase if it takes longer to complete. By way of example, if the project takes 2.5 years to complete, total target returns for the Trust investors is 38.75%.

Target Total Return:                               32.3% net of fees

Target Investment Horizon:                25 months

Trust Status:                                              Cosed to new subscriptions


The Newstead project isa 25 storey, 229 residential apartment and retail complex located on approximately 4,269 square metre site in the suburb of Newstead, in Brisbane QLD. The development is a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom architecturally designed apartments and retail complex. An overall programme of 25 months is targeted. The development offers affordable price apartments, strategically located in a thriving suburb less than 3 kms to the Brisbane CBD, walking distance to public transport and a wide range of local amenities


HCAP Asset Management is the trustee for HCAP Newstead Single Asset Trust. HCAP is a performance driven and active investment manager with deep skills in credit; rates; securities; property and commodity investments. HCAP is fully licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (AFSL No 332100).

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