ASTON – The next Generation of Apartment Living

ASTON – The next Generation of Apartment Living

ASTON – The next Generation of Apartment Living

Aston Apartments has set the benchmark in apartment living.

This elevated North facing development will be a contemporary building while connecting you with everything the local area has to offer. Lane Cove is predicted to become one of Sydney’s most strategic locations.

Lane Cove map

Lane Cove map

Lane Cove is a lively, safe and friendly community nestled in and around the greenery of nearby National Park and Batten Reserve. Get back to nature by hiking the various bush walking tracks, cycling the parkways or leisurely rowing along the Burns Bay Reserve.

It is only a short commute from the business hub of Lane Cove West Business Park, Macquarie Park and only two traffic lights from Sydney CBD. Aston is minutes from browsing boutique shops and eateries of Chatswood Chase or enjoying the Sydney CBD.

Keen swimmers are only a short distance to Lane Cove Aquatic Centre or if you prefer the outdoors, the Tennis World Club in Lane Cove and the Chatswood Golf Course are both close by.

Construction Update:

Photo 1: Shows the perimeter scaffold and safety mesh which has been erected up to level 3 East Deck. It’s not very clear but the AFS wall system and formwork for Level 3 East Deck is in the process of being installed.

Photo 2: Shows the delivery of steel reinforcement (mesh) to Level 3 West Deck. All formwork and edging for the deck is completed, majority of steel reinforcement has been fixed, the AFS internal and lift shaft walls have been poured with concrete, hydraulic and electrical services installed, with the concrete pour scheduled to commence on 26/06/15.

Photo 3: Shows the installation of the AFS walling system and bracing details on Level 2 East Deck. Once the formwork and internal AFS walls are completed the Level 3 deck sitting above can be prepared. The Level 3 concrete pour is scheduled to occur in the first week of July 2015. In addition to the AFS bracing, you can see the setdown area for the proposed bathroom area, and stacking of formwork. Note: The internal AFS wall cavity still requires internal reinforcement and concrete.

Photo 4: Shows that stripping of formwork and cleaning on Ground Floor West has commenced. This will free up the Ground Floor units to start receiving the finishing trades including internal studwork, sheeting and services rough-ins.

Photo 5: Shows hydraulic services and lighting installed on the Level 1 Basement. All formwork has been removed, and cleaning is ongoing. The site office sheds will be relocated to the Level 1 basement in July 2015.



Construction activities for the Aston Apartments is progressing well and in-line with the current construction programme. The critical path activities remain with the structural trades, however a slow transition is taking place as the lower level formwork is being stripped and cleaned which frees up space to receive both the finishing and services trades.

The Level 2 West deck was poured on 30th May 2015, with the Level 2 East deck poured on 11th June 2015. Level 3 West deck is scheduled to be poured on 26th June 2015, with the East deck to be poured in the first week of July 2015. As evidenced in the above photos, structural works are drawing close to completion with the superstructure (all 3 levels and roof deck) scheduled to occur on the 11th July 2015. Understandably this is an important milestone for the project.

Once the Level 3 deck is poured, the formwork on the Ground Floor can be stripped and cleaned enabling works to commence on the external cladding and interior finishing trades. The installation and measurement of windows will commence from 11th July 2015 and take roughly 2-weeks per floor to install once works commence. Other work activities involved with the external classing include tiling to balconies, installation of balustrades, rendering and painting. At this stage the complete project will be ‘water-tight’ in October 2015. As each floor is sealed up, the potential for weather disruptions decreases, climatic conditions are stabilised allowing the installation of joinery works, such as kitchens.

The builders hoist will be erected on 11th July 2015 which will significantly improve materials handling around the job site, and support construction activities on Levels 1 – 3. In mid-July a number of finishing trades will commence on the Ground Floor and include sheeting to walls and ceilings, measuring of kitchens, waterproofing and tiling to wet areas, installation of kitchens, bathrooms, door hardware, appliances followed by a final clean. The Ground Floor finishing trades will be completed in late October 2015, or take 4 months (approx.) to complete per floor. Given the sequence of works allow the finishing trades to move from one floor to the next, completion dates for the remaining floors will be completed in quick succession; Level 1 in November, Level 2 in December and Level 3 in mid-December 2015. As soon as the Builder has completed their final clean, defect inspections will commence immediately.

Overall the project continues to progress in-line with the Contractors programme. Some minor delays have been experienced as a result of inclement weather, although this is to be expected at this time of year. The current forecast date for Practical Completion is February 2016 and this is considered achievable.