ASTON – The next Generation of Apartment Living

ASTON – The next Generation of Apartment Living

ASTON – The next Generation of Apartment Living

Aston Apartments has set the benchmark in apartment living.

This elevated North facing development will be a contemporary building while connecting you with everything the local area has to offer. Lane Cove is predicted to become one of Sydney’s most strategic locations.

Aston Apartments has set the benchmark in apartment living

Aston Apartments has set the benchmark in apartment living

Lane Cove is a lively, safe and friendly community nestled in and around the greenery of nearby National Park and Batten Reserve. Get back to nature by hiking the various bush walking tracks, cycling the parkways or leisurely rowing along the Burns Bay Reserve.

It is only a short commute from the business hub of Lane Cove West Business Park, Macquarie Park and only two traffic lights from Sydney CBD. Aston is minutes from browsing boutique shops and eateries of Chatswood Chase or enjoying the Sydney CBD.

Keen swimmers are only a short distance to Lane Cove Aquatic Centre or if you prefer the outdoors, the Tennis World Club in Lane Cove and the Chatswood Golf Course are both close by.

Construction Update:

Photo 1: Shows the installation of perimeter scaffold and safety mesh which is erected up to level 4 or the same height as the roof deck. The Self-Erecting crane is located in between the East and West decks and continues to assist greatly with materials handling and logistics. A large delivery of sheeting (gyprock panels) has arrived which is progressively being installed into the Ground Floor units.

Photo 2: Shows the completed roof deck; all structural works are now completed which is an important milestone for the project. The lift over-run is located in the middle of the photo with a number of skylights servicing the Level 3 units. This is the view looking west towards the Parramatta region. When facing south you can see the City CBD.

Photo 3: Shows the completed aluminium studwork and sheeting to internal walls on Ground Floor Units. Electrical, and hydraulic services are being roughed in. This unit is being fast tracked as it will serve as a benchmark unit. It will be completed up to ‘lock-up stage’ and serve as the standard for quality throughout the entire project.

Photo 4: Shows the installation of the air-conditioning unit which is located in the bulkhead above the kitchen facing towards the living areas.

Photo 5: Shows hydraulic piping installed with acoustic lagging. Electrical rough-ins are also identified in this photo which are tied to the underside of the roof slab.

Photo 6: Shows roof deck east being poured on 22/07/2015.



Construction works for the Aston Apartments continues to progress well and in-line with the Contractors construction programme. The project achieved a significant milestone this month with the ‘topping off’ or completion of the structure on 29th July 2015. With the structural trades now completed, all the formwork on the lower levels will be stripped which frees up space for the services and finishing trades to commence their works.

As indicated above, the West Roof Deck was poured on 22nd July 2015 and the East Roof Deck was poured on the 29th July 2015, including lift overruns and skylights servicing Level 3 units. Formwork has been completely stripped in the Basement Levels, Ground Floor and Level 1. Level 2 is scheduled to be completed by 31st July 2015, and Level 3 by 8th August 2015.

With the formwork removed, works have started in two key areas, being the façade and internal finishes. In terms of the Ground Floor façade, site measurements for the windows are complete with installation scheduled to occur early August 2015. Waterproofing and Tiling to the Ground Floor balconies will commence in the middle of August 2015, with works on the external render and painting scheduled for completion in early September 2015. As each floor is sealed up, the potential for weather disruptions decreases which also allows the installation of joinery works, such as kitchens and cabinetry.

Ground Floor finishing trades are in full swing with internal studwork installed in each unit, electrical and hydraulic services are being roughed in and fixed to the underside of the ceiling slabs, air-conditioning units are installed with sheeting to internal walls being progressively installed. As noted above, a benchmark unit is being expedited to ‘lock up’ stage so any coordination issues can be identified early, and an agreement reached on the level of quality expected throughout the entire project. The benchmark unit is scheduled for completion in August 2015. A site inspection will be organised with HCAP Developments once the unit has been completed to Central Elements satisfaction.

Completion of the Ground Floor finishing trades is scheduled for late October 2015 which equates to 4 months (approx.) to complete each floor. Based on the contractors proposed work sequencing, each of the finishing trades can easily move from one floor to the next with completion of Level 1 scheduled for November 2015, Level 2 and Level 3 during December 2015. As soon as the Builder has completed their final clean, defect inspections will commence immediately.

Overall the project continues to progress in-line with the Contractors programme. Some minor delays have been experienced as a result of inclement weather, although this is to be expected at this time of year. The current forecast date for Practical Completion is February 2016 and this is considered achievable.