Frequently Asked Questions

What are HCAP's Single Asset Trusts?

HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts are unit trusts established for each development project that HCAP supports. Each trust invests in a single development project. This ensures that risk and target return are linked directly to a particular project and not to other investments or external influences.

What is the minimum and maximum investment?

$100,000, up to $10 million

What is the average term of investment in HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts?

18 months

Does HCAP’s management invest in HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts?

Yes, HCAP’s founder, or related family entities, invest directly or indirectly alongside investors.

How do I apply to invest?

Review the relevant Information Memorandum and fill in an Application Form.

Will I get regular reporting on my investment?

Yes, HCAP provides a high level of transparency and reporting.

Can retail investors apply to invest in HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts?

No, HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts are open to wholesale and sophisticated investors only.

Can foreign investors (non-Australian) apply to invest?

Yes, subject to the Information Memorandum.

What makes HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts different?

HCAP’s Single Asset Trusts are somewhat unique in the world of Australian mezzanine finance funds. The vast majority of mezzanine funds in the market place are “open ended” funds that are exposed to multiple projects and risks, and provide investors with limited transparency and liquidity. HCAP, through its Single Asset Trust structure, is at the other extreme by providing simplicity in approach on a relative basis, a defined and easy to understand target liquidity date and, importantly, superior target returns.

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