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HCAP upgraded to 4.00 Stars by SQM Research

SQM Research has announced that HCAP Asset Management has been upgraded to 4.00 Stars (from 3.75 Stars). The upgraded SQM rating description: Superior Suitable for inclusion on most APLs).

Louie Christopher, Managing Director of SQM Research, said “The upgrade is based on a continuing impressive track record of HCAP Asset Management. Since release of the current report in December 2015, the Lane Cove Single Asset Trust and the South Brisbane Single Asset Trust have distributed returns of 31% and 29%. Both returns are above the target of 25%”. 

Commenting on the rating upgrade, Steve Howell, CEO of HCAP Group, said “HCAP’s management has skin in the game and shares the development profits with SAT investors, aligning interests.  We have a very strong risk management and compliance focus to ensure risks are measured, isolated and managed. We aim to meet or exceed investor expectations”.

SQM Research – descriptions for each of the star ratings:

4.5 stars and aboveOutstanding: Highly suitable for inclusion on APLs.
4 stars to 4.25 starsSuperior: Suitable for inclusion on most APLs.
3.75 starsFavourable: Consider for APL inclusion.
3.5 starsAcceptable: Consider for APL inclusion, subject to advice restrictions.
3.25 starsCaution required: Not suitable for most APLs.
3 starsStrong caution required: Not suitable for most APLs.
Below 3 starsAvoid or redeem: Unapproved.
Hold – The rating is currently suspended until SQM Research receives further information. A rating is typically put on hold for a period of 2 days to 4 weeks.
Withdrawn – The rating is no longer applicable. Significant issues have arisen, and investors should avoid or redeem units in the fund.

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