Single Asset Trust

Key Considerations

Single Asset Trusts

  • Access to “single asset” development opportunities
  • Focuses solely on mezzanine finance opportunities – an asset class that is out of the reach of ordinary investors
  • Closed ended structure
  • Defined liquidity
  • High risk adjusted returns
  • High Transparency
  • Regular reporting
  • SAT trustee is an ASIC regulated manager and custodian
  • Solid track record
  • Investor risk limited to investment
  • Investors not required provided personal guarantees


HCAP Asset Management

  • Fully licensed fund manager and custodian  – AFSL No 332100
  • Management co-invest in HCAP supported projects
  • Strong track record
  • Strong pipeline of investment opportunities
  • Strong risk management
  • Strong Compliance Culture
  • Sound corporate financial backing
  • Mezzanine finance specialists
  • Team has invested in excess of $3 billion in debt investments in Australia and internationally.
  • Strong track record of delivering on well thought-out plans and clear execution strategies